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Currents is Mayumana’s current touring show, and features the classic favourites in Mayumana’s repertoire combined with original music and video art.

Currents premiered in Jerusalem and has toured nation-wide in Israel. It also performed in London (Roundhouse Theatre), Argentina, Mexico Uruguay, Chile, Switzerland and a nation-wide tour in the United States of America.

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In our show Currents, we wanted to explore this potential of combining seemingly opposing dynamics in rhythm, movement and music. This amalgamation of diverse elements creates an electric juxtaposition and is the visual and audio experience of Currents.


On closer observation, one would also see that different aesthetics or sensibilities occur in each of our cast members. We develop all our performers on parallel tracks of music-playing and dancing. Some come to us as dancers and are trained to play live music on stage; some come to us as musicians and are taught the physical language of movement and dance. This is important to us as our guiding principle in all our creations is to “visualize the music”. We endeavor for our audiences to see the music, and to hear the movement. For this to happen, we require our company members to develop sensuality on a multi-disciplinary track; and to have the flexibility and coordination to move between different aesthetics.


The show is accompanied by multi-media video which gives different perspectives to the audience, alternating between amplifying the live action and being a point of contrast to the narrative on stage at the same time.

It is not just an added dimension. The medium of video running concurrently with the action on stage superimposes another layer of meaning to the show.

Mayumana’s vision includes the cultural enrichment and engagement of young generations. In its twenty years on stage, the company has performed for tens of thousands of students around the world; with Currents, young audiences are empowered by an innovative, artistically diverse experience and discover the musical world and unique language of Mayumana.

The music and choreography are original creations, reflecting the Mayumana narrative language and its unique style. This is a 70-minute non-verbal performance, where music, rhythm and creative dance speak for themselves…

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Creators & Artistic Directors:

Boaz Berman, Eylon Nuphar

Original Music:

Boaz Berman

"Mayumana balances on the border of percussion, dance and mime, Mayumana´s show is not only dazzling, but is also pure entertainment for everybody, in any language, and for every age."

Haarlems Dagblad (Daily)

“It seems that the “old factory” is doing it again.”

NRC handelsblad

"Mayumana still keeps the audience in breathless attention from the first minute till the end… "

Holland, Trouw

“Dance, light effects and unconventional percussion instruments are fused into an energetic spectacle in which powerful and subtle moments are cleverly being exchanged”

Ariejan Korteweg - De Volkskrant

“The communication between participants in the show is Novel, every body-part is put to use, from head to feet, but first and formost, they really know how to express the music in their spirited show.”

Holland - Mabat \ May 2000


Time Out, New York